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Lynn is a lover of words (a logophile – it’s in the dictionary, so it’s real). Having been a bookish child, she went on to study English Literature, made a living as a writer and communicator, completed a Creative Writing MA and – finally – started writing her own stories.

The ups and downs of life, and a fascination with people, provide excellent fodder for her novels that always seem to come back to themes of messy lives and, especially, messy families – a little crime seems inevitable. As well as ‘Tell Me No Lies’, Lynn is the author of black comedy ‘The Busy Mum’s Guide to Getting Away With It’.

Lynn lives in Cambridge, where she wrangles a teenager, an ungrateful cat and a pack of personal demons. She’s fuelled by tea and rage, soothed by TV crime, books and biscuits, and dreams of the sea. As well as writing, she edits and teaches creative writing.

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