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Wordy Rappinghood

Emma's teapots
Collage by Emma Bennett
Some days you don’t have brain space or time for joined up thoughts. So, here is a random selection of some of my favourite words. Muse. Conjure. Teapot. Scarlet. Bubble. Enveloped. Hush. Oligarchy. Gossip. Ocean. Tingle. Pumpkin. Lush. Balustrade. Shingle. Plump. Fester. Champagne. Fetid. Luscious. Lascivious. Burgeoning. Jolt. Solace. Frisky. Pedantry. Iterative. Giggle. Jiggle. Truffle. Shaft. Corpulent. Warmth. Bear (or bare). Façade. Hat. Tangier. Chill. Satanic. Twinkle. Sponge. Dollop. Knot. Peregrination. Flute. Coalesce. Lurid. Bucket. Pebble. Fandango. Pumpernickel. Fritillary. Pupate. Gorgeous. Scintilla. Prickle. Tumultuous.

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