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Stop sulking!

sulkingI’m stuck. I’m not writing. All that time theorising and checking commas for an assignment has smothered my muse. My characters were alive in my head. Now they’ve become bored waiting and wandered off. There’s an empty stage. Dust. Tumbleweed. I’m sorry. Come back. I don’t want to ignore you. They made me. Now I’ve done my annual accounts, cleared out my son’s old toys, weeded the garden, and painted the hall and dining room (duck egg blue and mango orange – you probably won’t be seeing me featured in House Beautiful any time soon). You have to come back and save me from myself. We need to get going on the novel again. Hello?

Help or hindrance?


Write a blog, they say. Get your words out there into the world. Get your name out there. It’ll help if you want to get published. Yes, but (apparently I say this a lot), I’ve only just admitted to myself that I’d like to be published and I haven’t finished anything to be published yet. So, do I write the novel or write the blog? The answer has been made for me by my muse – it’s buggered off on holiday having been smothered by a critical commentary for assessment as part of my MA course. And here I am. Now what?