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7 things I learnt while writing a script

1. Writing in a new form can be liberating and fun.

2. The requirement to use a specific format is not a reason to panic. Nor is it a limit on your creativity. If it works and it’s what your audience want, just do it. Use your energy on the stuff that matters.

3. Writing dialogue is not as scary or difficult as I thought. There is no science to it or special tricks to master. Know your character, ideally have listened to people like your character, let your characters talk in your head, write it down. But insist they get to the point and block out any blather unnecessary to what you’re writing.

4. Writing a first draft fast and all the way to the end works. You get the satisfaction and comfort of knowing that you’ve done it, even if it’s a bit tatty, and you can judge and edit in context. And writing the whole thing is quicker to do with a script than with a novel!

5. It is possible to get points across about plot and character very quickly. Stuff can be interesting and well-written and still need to be cut for the sake of the whole. But knowing this doesn’t make it less painful.

6. Theory on structure and storytelling is not academic nonsense and not a straitjacket. It a focuses the mind on how to connect with and communicate with an audience.

7. Aristotle rocks!