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Displacement activity

IMG_5251Seven coloured sheep, six pinned robins, five Christmas trees, four grey mice, three pink mice, two Golden Labs and a very short blog post

Displacement activity is taking over my life. Since I started on a new novel, I have sewn 16 sheep, six reindeer, two dogs, eight mice, a pile of Christmas decorations, a flock of robins, even though they don’t flock…
IMG_5242Part of this is the usual procrastination as a reaction to fear of the blank page, failure yadda yadda yadda. While berating myself about this absurd, time-wasting activity, a little voice pointed out that it was more than this.
I love to create, need to create, but writing can be so lonely, particularly writing with an unfulfilled hope of publication. Writing is communication and expressing something that goes unheard is failed communication. You speak but no one hears. And even if someone reads what you write, they might not get it or like it. Who can not understand and appreciate a felt Golden Labrador wearing holly? Stick a picture of it on Facebook and someone will ‘like’ it. Everyone wants a ‘like’. Some of us insecure, emotionally hungry types crave a ‘like’.
IMG_5226What’s more, there’s the time thing. I can turn out a squeak of pink mice in an evening. I can show them to you, give them away or even sell them to fund more crafting. I get to see smiling faces, hear people being nice and even make back a couple of pounds of what I spend on my habit. A novel takes bloody months and then who really wants to wade through 100,000 words just because someone you know wrote it. Even my loving partner can’t be bothered to read my writing – even when a novel does well in a competition and Allison Pearson likes it. (He was impressed by that, but still didn’t read it. I’m still clinging to that raft of appreciation in an ocean of indifference.)
IMG_5278So there’s a why. Now all I have to do is escape the trap, because, of course, not writing and not investing time is writing as well as possible is self-defeating. This blog is part of my escape plan. But I do just want to finish those mice and my friend wants a Labrador to hang on her Christmas tree…

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