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They liked it!

My friend is a collage artist. “I fancy illustrating a book” she said, “for children. Do you have anything?”
I gave her a piece I’d written about a leaf and the changing seasons. She loved it. “Did you do that on your course?” she asked.
No, I bloody didn’t. I wrote it before I started my course when I still loved to write just to write, when I wrote what came into my head without worrying whether I could make it work, when I still thought I could write! Now it’s all about the angst.
Then someone else saw the story and loved it. Perhaps I need to focus on the positive. They liked it. I wrote it. This course is the only time when someone will give my writing a grade. If I can get through to the other side, maybe I’ll be able to get back to where the words flow but they’ll be better for what I’ve learned.
Of course, there’s also the fact that I wrote that story ages ago so the angst around it has dissolved. I have a feeling that writing will always hurt.

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