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What next?

Assignment done. Or rather I’m done with my assignment. There are the correct number of words, more or less (ok, more), a bibliography in alphabetical order, mostly (I have a morbid horror of mixing apples and Fiats) and there is a title, two titles actually, one for each part (but panic ye not oh pedants of the university administration, they are in one document with one properly printed cover sheet). So, just the handing in to do. Then what?

I’m handing in Act I of a screenplay for a TV crime drama – an urban, more contemporary  Midsomer Murders, set in a university city – Cambridge not Oxford – with a very un-Morse-like detective. I’ve drafted Acts II and III, but they need editing. The assignment is done but the completer-finisher in me insists I complete and finish. Then what?

I don’t know!

Do I go back to the novel I abandoned eight chapters in about modern, urban witches with life issues rather than broomsticks? I think the solution to the novel’s own issues could be a switch from third to first person. Or there’s the crime novel based on the story from the screenplay. Possibly more commercial. But will I get bored having done it. And I rather enjoyed writing a screenplay – I could make the witches into a screenplay. Or write another Inspector Gunn story. Or there’s Bev…

To be a writer, just write they say. But what? Screenplay or novel? Witches, Gunn or Bev?

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