Hello, let me introduce myself

I write. I am a writer. I am also a woman, a mother, a feminist, a reader, a baker of cakes, a watcher of crime dramas, a drinker of tea, and many other things that leak into what I write and get in the way of writing.

I’ve made a living as a copywriter and communication consultant, working under various banners, including fundraising, publicity, internal communication, training, sales, marketing…

Now I mainly write fiction. I completed an MA in Creative Writing, I’ve had a couple of short stories published and I’ve been a runner up in a couple of national novel competitions. I’m writing a new novel and seeking an agent.

There will be no ‘bright new thing’ accolades for me, but I have things to say and stories to tell. Words are my passion and they are what I do. So I shall keep writing.

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  1. Hi Lynn – Lovely website – very inspiring! Thought I’d pay you a quick visit before I start tapping away this morning… All best, Jd

  2. Love the website! Great to meet you at Killer Women.

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